Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Handmade ♥ Hemp: Fabric Finds

If I plan on learning one thing in the next year, it is to sew. Inspired by my intense need to make things, I found some awesome Hemp fabrics on Etsy. Where do you get your hemp fabric? ♥ Please don't forget to enter my Hemp Giveaway!! ♥

NEW LISTING - Hand Stamped Hemp Fabric - 1/2 Yard Supply

antique hemp linen roll upholstery fabric 5.57y plain tablerunner cushion

Owls on Hemp/Cotton Fabric-(2 pieces)


  1. What is the first item you want to sew? I took sewing in high school for 4 years. Do they even offer sewing in school anymore?

  2. I was a "teacher aid" in high school for the home ec class. But I have never been able to figure out the machine!! I want to make bags! :D