Saturday, August 1, 2009

Handmade Loves Hemp: Nellyvansee

I immediately feel in love with this bangle the second I found it!! Made by Nellyvansee on ArtFire.

"A stroll by the sea, a scent of ocean, a greedy gull cries from above. Tall green Trees, and the smell of sea weed and sap mix together in a humid breeze. one cannot help but feel and see the ocean in this bangle. It's ocean green blue hypnosis, it's different swirls and tones of teal to match the sea weed and glass that flushes upon the shores so often, eroded and half faded, smoothed by the waves and sand of a century. I call them angel tears. It's truly a piece of Pacific Bliss" - Nellyvansee

You can check out the entire listing here:
Pacific Bliss - Hemp braided agate bangle $18.00